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Giuseppe SANTONASTASO, Italian Deputy.


SANTONASTASO, Giuseppe was born on February 19, 1925 in S. Maria C.V., Casería, Italy.


Councillor and Mayor, S. Maria C.V., 1960-1975. Provincial Secretary De, Casería, 1968-1972. National Councillor, Christian Democrats, since 1972.

Senator, Caserta, 1972. Reelected Senator, 1976. Re-elected Senator, 1979.

Member Committee on Public Works and Communications. Re-elected Senator, 1983. Under-Sec for Transport in 1st and 2nd Craxi government, and in 6th Fanfani government.

Elected Deputy, Naples-Caserta, 1987. Member Committee on Transport, Posts and Telecommunications. Engineer; President Professional State Institute of Industry and Craft, S. Maria C.V., 196174.