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Giuseppe TORCHIO


Giuseppe TORCHIO, Italian Deputy.


TORCHIO, Giuseppe was born on March 17, 1951 in Spineda, Cremona.


Classical Secondary Education. Lyceum, Romani, Casalmaggiore. Studied at Faculty of Jurisprudence, University of Parma.


Member Youth Movement, Christian Democrats, 1968. Provincial Delegate, Christian Democrats, 1972. Member ACLI and CISL.

Secretary Christian Democrats, Spineda and of Casalasca region. Provincial Head, Office of Local Authorities (UPEL). Member Committee and Provincial Leadership, Christian Democrats.

1986; Councillor, Spineda 1975-1980. Head of Council Group, 1980. Provincial Councillor, Christian Democrats, since 1977.

Head of Council group, in Province, since 1982. Provincial Assessor for Economy, Work, Land, Professional Training. Delegated authority for Energy, Transport, Civil Protection, from 1985.

Member Regional Committee, on Roads. And Coordinating Committee for the provinces involved in the new Pontremolese Railway and for the Gcnoa-Brenner-Via-Cremona Railway. Member Committee for Agricultural Labour, Cremona and Spinadesco.

Elected Deputy, Mantaa-Cremona, 1987. Member Committee on Agriculture. Vice-President Consortium Cremona - Sorcsino of Transport, until 1986.

Then Directing adviser. Campaigner for the recognition of the qualification of Direct Cultivator by SCAU. Member Free Association of Farmers.

Provincial Secretary and Regional Secretary, Association of Young Farmers (ANGA), until 1986. Member Agriturist Organisation, Gemona, 1986.