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Givi KARTOZIYA, USSR Sportsman. Honoured Master of Sport of USSR since 1953; World GrecoRoman Middleweight Wrestling Champion in 1953, 1955 and 1958. Gold Medal at Melbourne Olympics, 1956; Bronze Medal at Rome Olympics, 1960; USSR medal “For Valiant Labor”, 1960.


KARTOZIYA, Givi was born in 1929 in Tbilisi.


Member, “Burevestnik” Sports Society, Tbilisi. 1947 won junior competitions in Georgia. 1949 began competing in All-Union adult competitions.

1949 placed 4th, 1950 and 1951 3rd, 1952 and 1954 1st in USSR Championship. World Middleweight Champion: 1953, Naples. 1955, Karlsruhe; 1958, Budapest.

1956 won in team competition at Istanbul and placed 1st in middleweight class at Melbourne Olympics. At 1960 Rome Olympics placed 3rd in light heavyweight class.