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Glenn Wakai Edit Profile

politician , Member of the Hawaii House of Representatives

Glenn S. Wakai is an American politician and a Democratic member of the Hawaii Senate since January 2011 representing District 15.


When his father died, Wakai decided to seek out his birth mother.


Bachelor in Broadcast Journalism and Sociology, University Southern California.


Wakai consecutively served in the Hawaii State Legislature where he served from 2003 until 2011 in the Hawaii House of Representatives District 31 seat. Glenn Wakai was given up by his teenage birth mother for adoption 47 years ago. Wakai was adopted by a Japanese-American couple in Hawaii when he was about 18 months old.

It was made out to Mitsuru Shimabukuro and had a photo of Wakai as an infant. That was one of the important factors that got the wheels turning for last year's reunion. Yoko had gone to Tokyo to become a beautician when she gave birth when she was 16.

She initially planned to raise the child herself, but her relatives strongly opposed the decision. Bitterly disappointed, she returned to Okinawa without the baby. She gave birth to a boy she named "Mitsuru," with the hope that he would have a "fulfilling" life as his name means.

2012 Wakai was unopposed for both the August 11, 2012 Democratic Primary, winning with 5,478 votes, and the November 6, 2012 General election. who had been redistricted from District 6. 2008 Wakai was unopposed for both the September 20, 2008 Democratic Primary, winning with 3,141 votes, and the November 4, 2008 General election. Glenn Wakai is President of non government organization Reach Out Pacific.


  • 2002 When Democratic Representative Nathan Suzuki retired and left the House District 31 seat open, Wakai won the September 21, 2002 Democratic Primary with 1,975 votes (498%), and won the November 5, 2002 General election with 4,393 votes (582%) against Republican nominee Brad Sakamoto. 2004 Wakai was unopposed for the September 18, 2004 Democratic Primary, winning with 3,056 votes, and won the November 2, 2004 General election with 4,841 votes (597%) against Republican nominee Kaipo Duncan. 2006 Wakai was unopposed for the September 26, 2006 Democratic Primary, winning with 3,986 votes, and won the November 7, 2006 General election with 5,024 votes (767%) against Yvonne Perry.

    2010 When Democratic Senator Norman Sakamoto ran for Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii and left the Senate District 15 seat open, Wakai was unopposed for the September 18, 2010 Democratic Primary, winning with 5,848 votes, and won the November 2, 2010 General election with 7,753 votes (624%) against Republican nominee Ben Pascua.


President Reach out Pacific, since 2004.