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Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Edit Profile

economist , educator , legislator , President

the fourteenth president of the Republic of the Philippines


María is a daughter of the late ninth president of the Philippines Diosdado Pangan Macapagal during the ruling of which the country ranked the second by economic development in Asia, considerably contributed to economic and political development of the state.

María Arroyo is one of the richest women of the Philippines. She inherited her fortune from the father. Her husband José Miguel Tuason Strim also is considered to be one of the well-off men of the country. He is a lawyer by profession and also he did private practice. The presidential couple Aroyo has three adult children.


At first María Arroyo taught in a college, later after she became professor of economics she began to lecture in a number of higher educational institutes of the Philippines. In 1987 she holds her first state post of the Assistant Secretary of the Department of Trade and Industry at the president Akino administration. In a year she was appointed the Executive Director of the Garments and Textile Export Board and in a year -Undersecretary of the Department of Trade and Industry of the Philippines.

During the period from 1992 to 1998 María Arroyo actively works with law-making in the parliament of the country. Already at that time she is called the most outstanding member of the parliament of all history of the Philippines. She made herself fifty five economic and social laws.

On June 30, 1998 Maria Gloria Arroyo was elected vice-president of the country. However, she leaves this post when in October, 2000 the sitting president of the Philippines Josef Estrada was caught in corruption. On January 20, 2001 when the corruption scandal and national actions about it drew to a head the Supreme court of the Philippines declared that the country`s president post became vacant. At the same day María Gloria Makapagal-Arroyo was put on oath as the head of the state.

Probably such fierce attacks of opposition succeeded to María Arroyo to change her mind and not to participate in the 2004 presidential election. She made this statement on December 31, 2002, but later she all the same nominated herself on the post of the president of the country. And on May 10, 2004 María Arroyo was again elected by the president of the Republic of the Philippines for the next six-year term.


  • Not accidentally the magazine "Forbes" ranked her the ninth among a hundred of the most influential women of the planet and the weekly edition «Asiaweek» constantly rated Maria Arroyo the most influential woman in Asia.

    The president takes a rigid line towards terrorist groups in the country, especially to those who are involved in seizure of hostages. «We will pursue these criminals until we will wipe them off the face of the earth and we will never negotiate with them», - María Arroyo declared time and again.

    The main merit of the leader of the Philippines is formation of powerful institutionally formalized mechanism of democracy in the country. María Arroyo considers the main task to create effectively operating socially oriented economy. In the domestic policy she is guided by needs and requirements of simple people. It is curious, for example, that Filipino are afforded the opportunity to send short text messages to the president for what there is a special equipment in the presidential palace. Messages appear on the display then they are sent around the addresses of corresponding Governing bodies and Arroyo herself answers the most interesting of them. The care for simple people of the country finds its way also in state foreign policy. María`s attitude in this respect is meaningful, it is connected with the presence of the Philippine peace-making contingent in Iraq. Having agreed to enter the Philippine troops in this country, Arroyo deported her soldiers as soon as possible when it came to save life of a 45-year-old Philippine driver captured by Iraq rebels.

    It legitimates once again that María Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is not only an experienced politician but also independent who is able to make fast and deliberate decisions. In the daily life she observes all Christian religious feasts. And on May 2, 2003 the president of the Republic of the Philippines together with leaders of various churches of the country took part in an ecumenical prayer about deliverance of the nation from an atypical pneumonia virus.




José Miguel Tuason Strim - lawyer