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Gordon Hunter Pedersen Edit Profile

Gordon Hunter Pedersen, American Nutritionist. Achievements include researching and developing more than 50 productsbeing sold by industry. Member of the United States Pharmacopia (chairman).


Pedersen, Gordon Hunter was born on September 9, 1959 in Seattle, Washington, United States. Son of Gaylen and Mary Ann (Hunter) Pedersen.


Bachelor of Science in Biology, Chemistry, Utah State University, 1987. Master of Science in Exercise Physiology, Utah State University, 1990. Doctor of Philosophy of Toxicology, Utah State University, 1994.


Vice president, Utah State University, Logan, 1984-1987;medical representative, Lederle Pharmaceutical, Denver, 1987-1988;laboratory technician, Anti-Viral and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Research Laboratory, Logan, 1988-1991;medical representative, Ciba-Geigy Pharmaceutical, Summit, New Jersey, 1991-1994;director Research and Development, Weider Nutrition, Salt Lake City, since 1994.


Faith in God is more than a theoretical belief in Him. To have faith in God is to trust Him, to have confidence in Him, and to be willing to act on belief in Him. It is a principle of action and power.


Member of the United States Pharmacopia (chairman).


Married Cindy Sidwell. Children: Mackenzie Skye, Nicholas Robert.