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Graciela Chichilnisky Edit Profile

Economist , educator , mathematician , scientist , writer

Graciela Chichilnisky, American scientist mathematician, economist, educator, writer. Member council Social Health and Welfare Society; board trustees National Resources Defense Council, since 1994; Member of Global Thermostat (managing director since 2008), National Women's Studies Association (Speaking Out prize 2007).


Chichilnisky, Graciela was born on March 27, 1946 in Buenos Aires. Daughter of Salomon Chichilnisky and Raquel Gavensky. came to the United States, 1968, naturalized citizen, 1992.


Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1967-1968;Master of Arts, University of California, Berkeley, 1970;Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley, 1971;Doctor of Philosophy in Economics, University of California, Berkeley, 1976.


Postdoctoral fellow Harvard University, 1974, lecturer department economics, 1975, fellow Harvard Institute International Development, 1978. Associate professor Columbia University, New York City, 1977—1979, professor, since 1980, director Program on Information and Resources, since 1994, professor statistics, since 1996, director Columbia Center for Risk Management, since 1998, United Nations Educational professor mathematics and economics, since 1995. Sir Louis Mathesou Distinguished professor Mouadr University, Australia, since 2008.

Distinguished visiting professor University Nankai & University Beijing. Chief Executive Officer Cross Border Exchange Corporation, 1999-2003, chairman 2003-2005. Co-chairman United Nations Latin American Economic Forum, New York, 2006, 07.

Advisor United Nations Association, 2006. Sple. advisor to President Oscar Arias, Costa Rica, 2007. Senior adviser to president, University Arizona, since 2004, managing director Global Thermostat Inc., since 2008.

Lead author, United States representative Inter governmental Panel Climate Change (IPCC), 2002-2006. Architect carbon market The Kyoto Protocol of the United Nations, 1997. Member presidential cabinet Banco Central Republica Argentina, 1971-1974.

Co-principal investigator Urban Institute, Washington, 1975-1977. Visiting scholar International Institute Applied Sys, Analysis Laxenburg, Austria, 1975-1977. Principal investigator United States Department Labor, 1977-1978, Rockefeller Foundation Project International Relations, 1981-1983.

Project director United Nations Institute Training and Research, New York, 1979-1983. Keynes chair professor economics University Essex, 1980-1981. Visiting professor institute math and its applications University Minnesota, 1983-1984, University Siena, Italy, summers, 1991-1993, 2002.

Visiting professor Stanford Institute Theoretical Economics, Stanford University, 1991-1993, department economics, Institute International Studies, since 1993, visiting professor departments, economic and operations research Stanford University, 1993-1994. Professor missionaire University des Antilles et de la Guyane, 1984-1985. National Science Foundation professor department mathematics University California, Berkeley, 1985-1986.

Chief Executive Officer, chairman FITEL Ltd., 1985-1989. Executive director Science International Ltd., 1989-1990. Visiting professor University Catholic Buenos Aires, 1993.

Consultant in field; United Nations Educational chair in mathematics and economics, Columbia University, 1995-2008. Lead author The International Federation of Clinical Chemistry, 1996-1997. Salinbemi chair University Siena, Italy, 1994-1995.

Special advisory World Federation United Nations Associations, 2006. Senior adviser President University Arizona, since 2004, President Costa Rica, 2006-2007. Managing director Global Thermostat LLC, since 2006.

Senior research fellow International Monetary Fund, Washington, 2007. Consultant International Monetary Fund, 2007, World Bank, 2009, International Union for Conservation of Nature, 2009, European Economic Area, 2009.



Member council Social Health and Welfare Society. Board trustees National Resources Defense Council, since 1994. Member of Global Thermostat (managing director since 2008), National Women's Studies Association (Speaking Out prize 2007).


Children: Eduardo Jose, Natasha Sable.

Salomon Chichilnisky

Raquel Gavensky

Eduardo Jose Chichilnisky

Natasha Sable Chichilnisky