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Grigorii Vasil’evich Aleksandrov

film director

Grigorii Aleksandrov, USSR Film director.


Aleksandrov, Grigorii was born on January 23, 1903.


Studied at the same time on directors’ courses.


Started as an assistant costume and stage designer in the Ekaterinburg Opera Theatre. After the October Revolution 1917 held various jobs in several governmental art departments. From 1921 actor at the Proletkult Workers Theatre.

Met Sergei Eisenstein, and acted in his plays. Assisted him in the making of Stachka, 1924, Bronenosets Potemkin, 1924, Oktiabr, 1927, and Staroe i Novoe, 1929. From 1929-1932 with Eisenstein, and the cameraman E. Tisse, toured the USA, Mexico and Europe.

In 1934 made his own film, Veselye Rebiata (with his wife, L. Orlova, in the lead), shown with great success at the Venice Film Festival. Worked with Eisenstein on his unfinished film, Da Zdravstvuet Meksika! His own films, Veselye Rebiata (with L.Utesov), Tsirk, and Volga-Volga, enjoyed a huge success due to L. Orlova’s remarkable talent as a comedienne. His films in the late 1930-1940s, especially Vstrecha Na Elbe, 1949 (Stalin Prize, 1950), were basically propaganda works.

In 1983, with E. Mikhailova, filmed the documentary, Liubov’ Orlova. From 1950-1957 taught at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography.