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Grigoriy Aleksandrovich AVSYUK

glaciologist , Geodesist and cartographer

Grigoriy AVSYUK, USSR Glaciologist, geodesist and cartographer. Doctor of Geography Science; Deputy Academy Secretary,Department of Geology and Geography Science, USSR Academy of Science, since 1957; directed all geological operations performed in USSR under International Geophysical Year program. Order of Lenin, 1955; Order of Red Banner of Labor, 1961; prize in competition for works summarizing the experience of World War II.


AVSYUK, Grigoriy was born in 1906.


Completed advanced geodetic studies.


1932-1937 at Main Board of Northern Sea Route. Since 1937 at Institute of Geography, USSR Academy of Science. 1939-1947 performed and directed systematic studies of glacial regions in various parts of Central Asia, especially Tyan-Shan and Pamirs.

Since 1947 combined this expeditionary work with observation of northern slopes of typhus known as the Kiari-Avtsyn symptom. Works deal with: pathological anatomy. Pathology of central nervous system.

Infectious and military pathology.