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Guoqiang Xie

operations research specialist

Guoqiang Xie, Chinese operations research specialist. Recipient 3d prize in the 3rd young scientist theses competition, China Institute of Atomic Energy, 1991, 2d prize in the Promotion of Science and Technology, 1993, 2d prize in 8th young scientist theses competition, 1994, 2d prize in 10th young scientist theses competition, 1996, Research.Encouragement prize, Japan-China Science and Technology Exchange Association, 2004.


Xie, Guoqiang was born on September 19, 1965 in Changsha, China. Son of Kuanmin Xie and Yuanxiu He.


Bachelor of Science in Physics, University of Science and Technology Beijing, 1987. Master in Engineering in Materials science, Graduate School of China National Nuclear Corporation, 1993. Doctor of Engineering in Materials Science, Niigata University, Japan, 2003.


Leader nuclear materials laboratory China Institute of Atomic Energy, Beijing, 1995—1998. Special researcher center of excellent High Resolution Beam Research Station in National Research Institute for Metals, Tsukuba City, Japan, 1998—2000, Nano-Characterization Group of Nanomaterials Laboratory in National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba City, Japan, since 2003.


  • Achievements include research in Sintering process and interface microstructure of metal powders by pulse electric current sintering. Research in Phase transformation induced by ion implantation in austenitic 304 stainless steels. Research in Analyses of phases and microstructure for U-Zr alloys used as candidate fuel materials for fast neutron breeder reactor.

    Development of Fabrication technology and properties for U-Zr alloys. Development of Modeling of properties for U-Pu-Zr alloys used as candidate fuel materials for the integral fast reactor. Research in Preparation of the thermionic energy convertor.

    Development of Preparation of medical Iridium-192 radioactive afterloading source. Research in fabrication and characterization of nanostructures using electon-beam-induced depositon process.


Member of The Japan Institute of Metals, Council of China Nuclear Materials Society.


Married Airu Wang, June 20, 1988. 1 child Xiangping.

Kuanmin Xie

Yuanxiu He

Airu Wang

Xiangping Xie