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H. Michael MANN


H. Michael MANN, economist.


MANN, H. Michael was born in 1934 in Camden, New Jersey, United States of America.


Bachelor of Arts Haverford College, 1956. Doctor of Philosophy Cornell University, 1962.


Established, through replication, the consistency of Bain’s findings that entry barriers matter importantly in affecting the ability of firms to price persistently in a monopolistic fashion. As part of ongoing research with J.A. Henning, he attempted to demonstrate that the notion of causal priority provides a potentially significant means by which to uncover causal relationships among industrial organisation variables. Special Economics Assistant, Assistant Attorney-General, Anti-Trust Division, United States Department Justice, 1968-1969.

Director, Bureau Economics, United States Federal Trade Commission, 3. Professor, Boston College, United States of America, 85. Managing Editor, JInd E, 1977-1985.