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H. S. Chuck Edit Profile

also known as Cho Kang-cheng

civil engineer

Chuck H. S. was a Chinese engineer and he organized the Pacific Trading Company at Hankou (Hankow).


He was born in Xiangshan, Guangdong, China in 1883.


At the age of 12, he went to Honolulu where he attended St. Louis College and later Oahu College, from which he graduated in 1906. And then he went to America for higher education in 1907.


Mr. Chuck joined the Huangpu (Whangpoo) conservancy board in Shanghai as an assistant engineer in the hydrometrie department in 1913. Since 1914 Chuck H. S. was a chief engineer of the Tayeh Mines, Hubei (Hupeh). In 1917 he was appointed senior assistant engineer to the Chu-Ching Railway, Guangxi (Kwangsi).

Chuck H. S. organized the Pacific Trading Company at Hankou (Hankow), of which he was general manager during 1918-1921 and chief engineer, 1922-1925. Mr. Chick served as a general-manger and chief-engineer of H. S. Chuck Engineering Corporation at Hankou (Hankow) and concurrently municipal architect in the 2nd special administrative district of Hankou (Hankow) in 1926. After the establishment of the Nationalist Government in Wuhan, he joined the highway department of the Ministry of Communications.

He was a commissioner of public highways of the Guangdong (Kwangtung) Provincial Government since 1927. Mr. Chuck held the post of a director and engineer-in-chief of the Chu-Shiu section of the Canton-Hankou (Hankow) Railway, 1929.