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also known as Hammond



Hammond grew up on the East Coast in towns and villages of the Hudson River Valley. His early influences were the cartoons of Jim Davis and Charles Schultz, as well as comic book characters created by DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

In 1997, he began a relationship with Vanier Galleries in Scottsdale, AZ, learning the business and presentation side of the fine art world. In 2000, Hammond had a solo exhibition at the ASU Harry Wood Art Gallery titled, Wrestling with Childhood. The subject matter was Professional Wrestling. Because of the exhibition’s unique appeal, it was presented in the Graduate Gallery, a very unique honor for an undergraduate and it received considerable Arizona news coverage. He received his B.A. in Art in 2006 from ASU.

Hammond started working on several new series in 2011. one of which was his Untitled series. Throwing out his conventional academic training his work shifted to a much more abstract expressionistic style. While he plans to continue working primarily in his new-found method and style, he never likes to limit himself by medium or subject matter and is always anxious to experiment with things that are new to him.

In 2012 Hammond Art relocated to Cincinnati, OH. Since moving, Hammond has exhibited at the Cincinnati Museum Center, worked with ArtWorks on the Big Pig Gig Do Ree Wee, placed two paintings into the permanent collection of Stark State University as well as participated in the Ohio Governor's Artwork Loan program. Hammond's art can be seen regularly in Ohio and Colorado and solo exhibitions are planned for Wisconsin and New York in 2016.