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Hamza Mohamad ABED

Egypt , Cairo , Educational Counsellor , Saudi Educational Bureau

Hamza Mohamad ABED, Educational Counsellor, Saudi Educational Bureau, Cairo, Egypt.


ABED, Hamza Mohamad was born in 1926 in Medina, Saudi Arabia.


Bachelor of Arts (Arabic Language and Literature), Cairo University. Higher Diploma (Education), College of Education, Cairo 1954.


Inspector-General, Ministry of Education until 1956. Director of Personnel Department, Ministry of Education 1956-1962. Director-General of Education 1962-1965.

Director-General of Culture, Ministry of Education 1965-1973. Member of the Committee for setting school textbooks and curricula for the last 10 years. Member of UNESCO Conference, Paris 1962, UNESCO Conference on Education, Geneva 1960.

Participated in a number of international conferences on illiteracy. Educational Counsellor, Saudi Educational Bureau, Cairo, Egypt.


  • Several school textbooks.


All messengers taught the same message about belief, but the specific prescriptions of the divine laws regulating people's lives varied according to the needs of people and time.


  • Other Interests

    Reading, tennis.