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Hans Karl Emil Von MANGOLDT


Hans Karl Emil Von MANGOLDT, German economist.


MANGOLDT, Hans Karl Emil Von was born in 1824 in Dresden, Germany.


Dr Political Science, University Tübingen.


His theoretical achievements were much better appreciated in Britain than in Germany during his own lifetime. His theory of international values was discussed by Edgeworth, and Marshall approved of his theory of entrepreneurial profit. His price theory is probably his greatest contribution, going beyond the determination of an equilibrium price to show that there could be several equilibrium prices, He also analysed price formation in the case of joint demands, joint supplies, or both.

This last achievement was taken up by Marshall. Official, German Ministry Foreign Affairs, 1847-1850. Editor, Weimarer Zeitung, 1852.

Teacher, Political Economics, University Göttingen, 1858-1862. Professor Political Economics, University Freibourg (Breisgau), 1862-1868.