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Harry Rubey

educator , civil engineer.

Harry Rubey, American educator, civil engineer. Member American Society Engineering education (life; Club: University (Columbia).


Rubey, Harry was born on February 23, 1886 in St. Louis. Son of Thomas Thornton and Flora (Vivian) Rubey.


Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, University Illinois, 1905, C.E., 1925.


From Rodman to assistant engineer Member of Parliament Railway, 1905-1909. Engineer, manager irrigation, drainage and hydro-electric projects along Pacific Coast, 1909-1915. Assistant professor, then associate professor сivil engineering Carnegie Institute Technology, 1917-1919, U. Washington, 1915-1917, 19-24.

Professor сivil engineering, department chairman U. Missouri, 1924-1956, professor emeritus, lecturer, since 1956, often acting dean engring. Director Naval Diesel Training school and Engineering, Science Management War Training 1942-1944. Engineering practice, since 1915.

Advisory Committee Congress on Flood Control, 1927. Consultant National Resources Committee, 1936-1937.


  • Author: Industrial Organization, 1931. Engineering Surveys, 3d edit., 1958. Route Surveys, 1938, 2d edition. as Route Surveys and Construction, 1956.

    Applied Engineering Surveys (with General Electric Lommel and M.W. Todd), 2d edition., 1958. The Engineer and Professional Management, 3d edit., 1961, (with John A. Logan) review edit., 1966-1971. Supplemental Irrigation, review edits., 1947, 50, 53.

    Supplemental irrigation for Eastern United States, 1954, enlarged, 1956. (with Walker W. Milner) Construction and Professional Management, review edit., 1971. Contributor Encyclopedia British.

    Technical press, world travel.


Member American Society Engineering education (life. Club: University (Columbia).


Married Maude Harden, July 20, 1912 (deceased).; married second, Ann Todd, August 4, 1948. Children: Harry (deceased), Mildred Lovelace (Mistress.

Thomas Thornton Rubey

Flora (Vivian) Rubey

Maude Harden

Ann Todd

Harry Rubey (deceased)

Mildred Lovelace (Mrs Rubey