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Hassan Mohamad DARDEER

businessman , distinguished comedian

Hassan Mohamad DARDEER, distinguished comedian, businessman. letter of appreciation from President of Tunisia for role played in Play Back, an English-Tunisian joint film; letter of appreciation from Saudi Ambassador to Tunisia.


DARDEER, Hassan Mohamad was born in 1939 in Medina, Saudi Arabia.


Diploma, Technical School (Plumbing).


Archivist 1955; accountant, Customs Department. TV and radio comic actor. Owner of Abha Agricultural, Industrial, Tourist and Florist Town, Abha.

Owner of Arts Renaissance Company for Radio and TV Production. Member of Board of National Corporation for Trade, Public Relations and Trade Representation, National Sporting and Cultural Club. Founder of first automatic date-packing factory, Medina, first poultry farm for frozen chickens, Medina, first aromatic oil distillery.

Distinguished comedian, businessman.


Our life is a journey that offers us many different options. But only one is true and clear. This is the path of straight life with Allah.


  • Other Interests

    Sport, acting.