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Hassan Omar BALKHY

Vice-President of Jeddah Municipality

Hassan Omar BALKHY, Vice-President of Jeddah Municipality.


BALKHY, Hassan Omar was born in 1939 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


Master of Arts. (Economics) 1968. Master of Arts. (Statistics) 1970. Doctor of Philosophy (Economics) 1973.


Head of Petroleum Research Section, PETROMIN, Riyadh 1964-1965. Assistant Professor of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Public Administration, King Abdulaziz University until March 1978. Member of American Economic Association, American Statistical Association, the Econometric Society.

Attended Conference on the Organization of Central Administration in Arab States, Riyadh 1975. Vice-President of Jeddah Municipality.


  • The Cost of Redistributing Income through Trade Policy 1974.


Throughout history, God has sent messengers to people all over the world, to guide them to the straight path that would lead them to happiness in this world and the one to follow.