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Helen Wismer Thurber Edit Profile

journalist , writer

Helen Wismer Thurber was an American journalist and writer.


Mr. Thurber waa born in Norwalk, Connecticut, United States, on December 22, 1986.


Helen Thurber attended Mt. Holyoke College.


Mrs. Thurber was an editor in New York City during the 1930s. She later assisted her husband James Thurber with proofreading and editing duties and helped finish drawings as his eyesight deteriorated. She also was a member of the board of Thurber House literary arts center, Columbus, OH.

He was a consultant to the 1960 Broadway production "A Thurber Carnival."


  • Helen Thurber was the wife of American humorist James Thurber, whose drawings and short pieces were an integral part of the New Yorker's charm during its first few decades. Mrs. Thurber is also renowned for her works.


Helen Thurber married James Thurber, a cartoonist and humorist, who was born in 1935.

James Thurber - American - cartoonist , humorist , writer