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Henry Charles Fleeming JENKIN Edit Profile


Henry Charles Fleeming JENKIN, economist. Fellow, Royal Society, 1865.


JENKIN, Henry Charles Fleeming was born in 1833 in Kent, England.


Master of Arts University Genoa, 1850.


A successful engineer, inventor, and scientific journalist, he turned to economics in 1868 with an article on trade unions. Two subsequent published papers on ‘The graphic representation of the laws of supply and demand’ (1870) and ‘Principles which regulate the incidence of taxes’ (1871) constitute the sum of his economic publications. His application of mathematics was related to the partial equilibrium analysis of individual markets which Marshall later developed.

His work was little noticed, even by Jevons and Marshall, and had little effect on the subsequent course of economic thought despite its striking quality and originality. Engineer; Professor Engineering, University College, London, 1866-1868, University Edinburgh, 1868-1885.


  • Fellow, Royal Society, 1865.