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Henry Jerold Schumacher Edit Profile

retired military officer , Museum director

Henry Jerold Schumacher, museum director, retired military officer. Decorated Defense Distinguished Service Medal, Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit.


Schumacher, Henry Jerold Son of Henry John and Rene Schumacher.


Student, Stanford University, 1953. Bachelor of Science, United States Military Academy, 1957. Master of Science, Northeastern University, Boston, 1965.

Master of Business Administration, Auburn University, 1977.


Commissioned lieutenant United States Army, 1958, advanced through grades to major general, 1982. Army attaché Moscow, 1969-1971. Chief communications operations Vietnam, 1971-1972.

Executive officer Office Chief of Staff, 1972-1975. Commander United States Army Communications Command, Panama, 1977-1979. Director network integration, Office Assistant Chief of Staff Automation and Communications, Department Army, 1979-1981.

Commander The White House Communications Agency, Washington, 1981-1982. Chief United States Army Signal Corps, 1981-1983. Retired, 1983; senior vice president Visa International, 1983-1986.

Chief operating officer Fuel Technology, Inc., Stamford, Connecticut, 1986-1987. President IMM Systems, Philadelphia, 1987-1989. Executive vice president Cylink Corporation, Sunnyvale, California, 1990-1995.

Executive director Hiller Museum of Northern California Aviation History, Redwood City, 1995-1998. Managing general partner Distributed Systems Partners, 1999—2002, advisory board cranite system, since 2003.


Married Barbara Howell, August 24, 1958. Children: Sheri Lynn, Henry Jerold World War II.

Henry John

Rene Schumacher

Barbara Howell

Sheri Lynn Schumacher

Henry Jerold World War II Schumacher