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Herbert Hainer Edit Profile


Mr. Herbert Hainer serves as the Chief Executive Officer of adidas Group of The Rockport Company, LLC.


Mr. Hainer has been Chief Executive Officer of Adidas AG (formerly, Adidas Salomon Ag) since 2001. He spent eight years with Procter &Gamble in various sales and marketing positions. He joined Adidas Germany in 1987 and has held numerous management positions within the Group, including Managing Director Germany and Senior Vice President, Sales and Logistics in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Mr. Hainer has been Chairman of the Executive Board of Adidas Ag since 2001 and its Member of its Executive Board since joining in March 1997. He has been Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board at FC Bayern AG (also known as FC Bayern München AG) since May 2003. He has been a Member of the supervisory Board of Deutsche Lufthansa Aktiengesellschaft (also known as Deutsche Lufthansa AG) since April 29, 2010. He has been Member of the Supervisory Board since February 20, 2003, Deputy Chairman since May 26, 2003. He serves as Member of the Supervisory Board of FC Bayern AG. He has been Member of the Supervisory Board of Engelhorn KGaA, Mannheim, Germany since December 5, 2003. Mr. Hainer also serves as Member of the Supervisory Board of Bayerische Versicherungsbank AG, Munich, Germany. He has been a Member of Joint Advisory Council of Allianz SE (also known as Allianz AG )since January 1, 2006


  • Herbert Hainer was named a trustee of the Bundesliga Foundation at the DFL's New Year reception,

  • He is connected to 46 board members in 2 different organizations across 5 different industries