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Member of the Nationalrat

Heribert STEINBAUER, Austrian Member of the Nationalrat.


STEINBAUER, Heribert was born on March 29, 1935 in Vienna, Austria.


Universities of Vienna and Freiburg im Breisgau, philosopy, psychology and comparative linguistics.


Head of Records Department, Österreichisches Volkspartei (Austrian People's Party), 1964-1967. Head of Politics Department of Österreichisches Volkspartei (Austrian People's Party) Federal Party Executive, until 1979. Österreichisches Volkspartei (Austrian People's Party) Media Spokesman, since 1975.

Head of election campaign in National Council elections, 1975. 1983 and 1986; head of election campaign for Federal Presidential elections, 1974 and 1986. Member of Nationalrat for Vienna, since 1975.

Member of Foreign Aid Advisory Committee, in Federal Chancellery, since 1980. Head of office of Doctor Mock, since 1986. Head of office of Vice-Chancellor Doctor Mock, since 1987.

Worked in metal industry. West Germany, 1959-1960 and 1962-1964. Employed at Institute of European Studies, Vienna/Chicago, 1960-1962.

Secretary General, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, 1967-1970 and Assistant Secretary General. 1970-1975; member of Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, Listeners and Viewers’ Committee 1974-1980. Member of Austrian Broadcasting Corporation Committee, since 1977.

Member of Austrian Workers’ and Employees Federation. Member of Christian Trade Unionists Group in Austrian Trade Union Federation.