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Herman DE CROO


Herman DE CROO, Belgian Senator. Grand Officer in the Order of King Leopold II, 1981; Grand Cross in the Order of the Crown, 1991.


DE CROO, Herman was born on August 12, 1937 in Brakel, Opbrakel, Belgium. Parents: Jan-Baptiste De Croo and Germaina De Croo (née Wauters).


St. Stanislas Secondary College of Jesuits, Mons, classical humanities, graduated first in school. Free University of Brussels, doctorate in law, 1955-1961. Bachelor of Political Science, 1960.

Scholarship. Belgian Transporters Congo. 1960; USA, Fulbnght Scholarship, 1961-1962. British Council scholarship to study English Parliamentary Law, 1965.

Spoken languages: Dutch, French, English and reading knowledge of German, Italian, Spanish.


President Université libre de Bruxelles (Free University of Brussels) Liberal Students, 1957-1961. National President, Belgian Liberal Students, 1959-1961. National President, Belgian Youth, 1963-1966.

Pres./founder, Partij voor Vrijheid en Vooruitgang (Party for Reform and Freedom) Jong Mutualisten, 1966-1974. Pres./founder, Liberal Youth-Homes Federation, 1966 and of Liberal Youth Movements Confederation, 1966-1970. European President, Jeunesse Libérales et Radicales du Marché Commun (Liberal and Radical Youth Movement of the Common Market), 1962-1968.

Syndicate delegate of the scentific personnel ULB/VUL, 1964-1968. National Secretary, PVV/PLP, 1966-1971. Mayor, Michelbeke, 1964-1971.

Member of Chamber of Representatives, Oudenaarde district, since 1968. Chair, Partij voor Vrijheid en Vooruitgang (Party for Reform and Freedom) group, cultural council, 1972-1974. Minister of National Education, 1974-1977.

Leader, Partij voor Vrijheid en Vooruitgang (Party for Reform and Freedom) group in Chamber of Representatives, 1977-1980. First alderman of finance and staff management, Brakel, 1977-1982. Pres, of Interparliamentary Group Belgium-Soviet Russia, 1971-1974.

World Vice Pres, of the Liberal InterNational, since 1987. Minister of Post, Telegraph, Telephones and Pensions, 1980-1985. Local councillor, Brakel, since 1982.

Minister of Communications and Foreign Trade, 1985-1988. Member. National School Pact Commission. Member, Partij voor Vrijheid en Vooruitgang (Party for Reform and Freedom) party council.

Member, Partij voor Vrijheid en Vooruitgang (Party for Reform and Freedom) federation committee. Governor, Belgian Society for the Council of European local councils. President, Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, since 1992.

President, Partij voor Vrijheid en Vooruitgang (Party for Reform and Freedom) Group, Senate. Lawyer, bar of Oudenaarde, Ghent court of Appeal, since 1961. Teaching Fellow and instructor.

University of Chicago Law School, 1961 -62. Assistant to Professor Max Rheinstein, (comparative law). Assistant, Free University of Brussels, 1963-1968.

Teacher, extraordinary professor, Free University, Brussels, 1968-1986. Professor, Free University, Brussels, since 1986. Chair, Paul Hymans Centre.

Chair, Belgian Mediatheek. Chair. Princess Lilian Foundation. Chmn, World Car Centre-Mahy collection.

General reporter, environmental protection, judicial, economic and social implications, Ottawa, Canada. (General interparliamentary meeting of North Atlantic Treaty Organization), 1971. Technology and employment, Ankara, 1973.

Co-promoter, P.P.B.S. studies Planning, Programming, Budgetting System, University administration foundation, 1985.


  • Parlement en Gouvernement, 1965. Het Parlement dan het werk, de taak van de hedendaagse vertegenwoordiging, 1966. Belgie: Service Nation, 1985 and 1988.

    Numerous scientific publications, and numerous articles and various introductions to scientific books and works.


Clubs: Member of Rotary Club international, since 1966. Member, Permenant Committee for the improvement of the relations between the linguistic communities, 1965-1969. Member High Council for Development Co-operation, 1971-1974 physical education, sports and open-air.


Spouse Françoise Desguin, 1961.