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Herman SUYKERBUYK, Belgian Senator.


SUYKERBUYK, Herman was born on January 5, 1934 in Kapellen.


Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven (Catholic University of Louvain), Law, 1952-1957. Catholic University, Leuven, qualified notary,, 1957.


Town Councillor, Essen, since 1965, Mayor of Essen, since 1965. Deputy, 196888; Chairman of the Belgian Delegation for the Interparliamentary Benelux Council. Vice-Chairman of the Flemish Council since 1986.

Senator for District of Antwerp since 1988. Member, Senate Commissions for National Affairs, Justice, Agriculture and Middle Classes, Revision of the Constitution and the Reform of Institutions, Interparliamentary consultant for the Benelux Council. Member, Flemish Council, Committees for General Affairs, National Affairs, International Affairs, Interparliamentary Commission of the Dutch-speaking Union.

Barrister, Antwerp, since 1960.


Clubs: Association of Belgian Towns and Municipalities. National Association of the Christian Middle Class. Handicapped Welfare Group, Noorderkempen.

Belgian-Dutch Border Deliberation.