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Hiroshi Tokumaru Edit Profile

management consultant , Aerospace engineer

Hiroshi Tokumaru, Japanese aerospace engineer, management consultant. Recipient Pride in Excellence award Boeing Commercial Airplane Group, 1986. Community group leader Midorigaoka Community, Inuyama, 1992.


Tokumaru, Hiroshi was born on February 5, 1953 in Tokyo. Son of Sueyoshi and Taeko Tokumaru.


Bachelor of Science, St. Sophia University, Tokyo, 1976. Master of Science, Stanford University, 1982.


Engineer Panasonic Telegraph & Electric Communications Inc., Meguro, 1976-1979. Assistant manager Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Komaki, 1982-1989. Deputy director Nippon Pop Rivets, Black & Decker, Toyohashi, 1989-1991.

Engineering manager Teijin Seiki Company Ltd., Fuwa-gun, 1991-1993. President Global Company Ltd., since 1993, project manager future transport market study, development next generation transport vehicle development plan, 1994-1995. President, technical sales manager Feintool Japan Limited company, 1995-1996.

Project manager primary flight control development for Boeing 777, 747-X and JSDF FBL systems Teijinseiki, Fuwa-Gun, Japan, 1991-1993. Engineering leader Westpac program Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Komaki, Japan, 1988-1989. Senior marketing analyst BCAG marketing division Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Seattle, 1984-1987.

Engineer 7J7/YXX/CCV/FSX structural engineering Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Ohe, Japan, 1982-1984.


  • Inventor facsimile heater, multi-layered missle launcher, a/p-dynamic gust/take-off/landing analysis, and a/p aeroelastic tailoring. Developed plan and preliminary design of a senior aid system for home care consisting of an information communication equipment, a powered chair, and a powered bed, Feasibility study of mechanized landmine clearance system with civil technology, creation of load alleviated clutch with relaxed stability in control. 7 patents pending in field.


Community group leader Midorigaoka Community, Inuyama, 1992.


Married Naomi Tokumaru, May 4, 1985 (divorced October 1993).

Sueyoshi Tokumaru

Taeko Tokumaru

Naomi Tokumaru