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Hon. Margaret Kerslake SHIELDS

Member of New Zealand Labour Party Policy Council

Hon. Margaret SHIELDS, Member of New Zealand Labour Party Policy Council. Winston Churchill Fellow, 1971. Member, Labour Women’s Council; Vice-President, Socialist International Women; New Zealand Sociological Association.


SHIELDS, Hon. Margaret was born on December 18, 1941 in Wellington, New Zealand. Daughter of Blake (Ernest Blake) Porter and Dorothy B. Porter.


Victoria University, social science, 1973. Spoken languages: English, working knowledge of French.


Co-founder, National Secretary and President, Society for Research on Women, 1966-1970. Co-covener of 2nd United Women’s Convention, 1975. Delegate, United Nations International Women’s Year Conference, Mexico, 1975.

Labour Party candidate for Karori, 1975. Member, New Zealand Executive, 1975-1978. President, Labour Women’s Council, 1974-1975 and 1977-1978.

Member, Wellington Hospital Board, 1977-1980. Labour Parly, candidate for Kapiti, 1978. Member, Policy Council, 1979-1982.

Elected to Parliament for Kapiti, 1981-1984. Minister of Customs, 1984-1987. Associate Minister of Housing.

Re-elected for Kapiti, 1984-1987. New Zealand’s first Minister of Consumer Affairs, 1984-1987. Senior research and executive officer for the Department of Statistics.

Re-elected for Kapiti, 1987-1990. Minister of Women’s Affairs, 1987-1990. Minister of Statistics, 198790.

Minister of Consumer Affairs, 1987-1990. Minister of Customs, 1988-1989. Associate Minister of Education, 1989-1990.

Minister responsible for the National Library, 1990. Member: Social Equity Cabinet Committee, Honours Appointments Cabinet Committee. Travel Cabinet Committee.

Legislation Cabinet Committee. Retired from Parliament, 1990, currently Member, Labour Party Policy Council, 199093. Professional career: housewife and part time student before entering politics.

Nine years in the New Zealand Dept, of Statistics and Research Officer, New Zealand Consumers Inst.


Member, Labour Women’s Council. Vice-President, Socialist International Women. New Zealand Sociological Association.

  • Member, Labour Women's Council; Vice president, Socialist International Women; New Zealand Sociological Association


  • Other Interests

    Recreations: tennis, tramping, ski-ing, music, drama.


Married Patrick John Shields in 1960.

Patrick John Shields