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Howard Sinclair Turner Edit Profile

Construction company executive

Howard Sinclair Turner, American construction company executive.


Turner, Howard Sinclair was born on November 27, 1911 in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of Joseph Archer and Helen (Carre) Turner.


Bachelor of Arts, Swarthmore College, 1933; honorary Doctor of Laws, Swarthmore College, 1977; Doctor of Philosophy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1936.


Researcher, E.I. duPont de Nemours & Company, Inc., 1936-1947; director research and development, Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Company, 1947-1954; vice president research and development, Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation, 1954-1965; president, Turner Construction Company. New York City, 1965-1970; chief Executive officer, Turner Construction Company, 1968-1976; Chairman of the Board, Turner Construction Company, 1971-1978; also board directors, Turner Construction Company, 1952-1981. Director Global Assessment of Functioning, 1969-1979, Jones & Laughlin, 1965-1970 Ingersoll-Rand, 1969-1983,Asarco, 1971-1981.

Trustee Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association, 1970-1980, Dime Savings Bank of New York, 1973-1983, Wistar Institute Biological Research, 1980-1991. Adviser to Question Manager General on research, 1942-1944, Office Industrial Applications, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1962-1965. Member visiting committee department chemical engineering Carnegie Institute Technology, 1962-1965.

Member visiting committee department сivil engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1974-1977. Mem.tech. advisory board Department Commerce, 1963-1967. Member Viet Nam task force Department of Health, Education and Welfare, 1966.

Member research and engineering advisory council Physician organization Department, 1967-1968. Executive Committee division engineering National Research Council, 1967-1971. Member President's Science Advisory Committee, 1972.

Member of advisory committee Center for Building Technology, National Bureau Standards, 1973-1975. Member of advisory council School Architecture and Urban Planning, Princeton University, 1974.


Member Swarthmore Borough Council, 1944-1947. Board managers Swarthmore College, 1952-1964, 68-72. Trustee American Academy Educational Development, 1978-1987, C.F. Kettering Foundation, 1979-1983.

President Industrial Research Institute, 1962. Member council Rockefeller University, 1979-1985. Board visitors, governor Washington College, 1983-1989.

Member American Chemical Society, Directors Industrial Research (emeritus), Committee for Economic Development (honorary trustee), National Academy Engineering, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Psi.


Married Katharine Swett, 1936. Children: Susan, Helen Christine, Barbara Jean.

Joseph Archer Turner

Helen (Carre) Turner

Katharine Swett

Barbara Jean Turner

Helen Christine Turner

Susan Turner