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Hung-shen Liu Edit Profile

also known as Lieu, O. S.

Industrialist , merchant

Mr. Liu was a Chinese merchant and industrialist.


Hung-shen Liu was born in Shanghai, Kiangsu, China in 1888.


Hung-shen Liu attended St. John's University in Shanghai, China, but was obliged to discontinue his study before graduation. Then he entered business in Shanghai.


Hung-shen Liu was managing-director of the following companies: Kailan Sales Agency, Shanghai Portland Cement Co., the China Match Co., the China Wool Manufactory, China. Coal Briquette Co., and East China Mining Co. In addition to the above, he was a director of several other big companies in Shanghai, China, general manager of the China Merchants' Steam Navigation Company since 1932, councillor of the Shanghai Municipal Council in 1930-1933, director of the China Development Bank in Shanghai, a philanthropist and founder of the following schools and hospitals: Tinghai Public School, Tinghai Girls' School and Tinghai Hospital at Tinghai, Chekiang and the Thibet Road Hospital in Shanghai and a director of the Chinese Red Cross Hospital.