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Hussein Husseini Edit Profile

Lebanese government official

Hussein Husseini, Lebanese government official.


Husseini, Hussein was born on April 15, 1937 in Zahle, Lebanon.


Diploma in Public Administration, University Cairo.


Director, Electric Power Generation and Distribution Company, Baalbek, Lebanon, 1956-1963; co-founder, Higher Shiite Islamic Council, 1965-1969; Member of Parliament for Baalbek, Government of Lebanon, since 1972; member parliamentary committee for public works, transportation, and water and electrical resources, Government of Lebanon, 1972-1984; head parliamentary committee, Government of Lebanon, 1972-1974; member parlimentary finance and budget committee, Government of Lebanon, 1972-1984; speaker of parliament, Government of Lebanon, 1984-1992. Head Unified Municipality of Chmestar, since 1958. Co-founder The Movementfor The Deprived, 1973, National Front for Preservation of the South, 1977.

With Amal Movement, 1978-1980. Contributor Document of Established Islamic Principles, 1983. Lecturer in field ALSO (Mailing) Hussein Husseini National Assembly Majlis Alnwab Beirut Lebanon M C.


Married; 6 children.