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I-fei Liu

army officer

I-fei Liu was a Chinese army officer.


Mr. Liu was born in Te-ling Hsien, Liaoning, China in 1893.


I-fei Liu received his preliminary training from a military school at Mukden.


Mr. Liu joined the revolutionary movement in 1911 and successively filled several posts in the Headquarters of Governor of Chefoo and in the Three Eastern Provinces. He was acting chief of staff in the Headquarters of the Commander of the Revolutionary Forces in Taitung and Chuchen districts, Shantung, during the 2nd Revolution against Yuan Shih-kai in 1916.

After graduation, he re-entered the army service and successively served as company commander, army instructor and other military posts. Then he was promoted a staff officer with the rank of Lieut.-Colonel, appointed a regimental commander of the BodyGuards of the late Chang Tso-lin and transferred as acting chief of staff to the Commander of the 2nd Brigade of the Fengtien Army (Chang Hsueh-liang Commander).

After that Mr. Liu was promoted commander of 18th regiment of the Fengtien Army for meritorious services. He was successively promoted commander of the 8rd Brigade, commander of the 4th Brigade and commander of the 10th Division of the Fengtien Army with the rank of Lieut-General. l-tei Liu participated in the compaign against the Northern Military Coalition at Peiping in 1930 and upon recommendation of Gen. Chang HsuehVlang, was appointed chairman of Charhar Provincial Government in addition to his original post as commander of the 10th Division. Then he was with General Chang Hsueh-liang.