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Iakov Sergeevich Polozov


Iakov Polozov, USSR Monk.


Polozov, Iakov was born in 1890.


Educated at a seminary, 1914. Studied at Moscow Theological Academy from 1921.


Personal servant of Patriarch Tikhon during his house-arrest. Shot accidentally and killed during a Cheka attempt on the Patriarch’s life. Pol'skii, Mikhail, Archpriest6.11.1891-1821.5.1960. Russian Orthodox clergyman. Born in stanitsa Novotroitskaia,Kuban’ Oblast’.

Priest, August 1920. Could not graduate, as the Academy was closed by Soviet authorities. Arrested, July 1923. Spent 3 years at Solovki concentration camp, sent into exile to the Urals. Went underground, 1929, and crossed the border into Iran, 1930.

Priest in the Near East (Jerusalem, later Beirut). Moved to London, 1938. After World War II, moved to the USA, 1948.

Priest at the Russian Orthodox Church in San Francisco until his death. Compiled the first collection of biographies of persecuted Russian Orthodox clergymen in the USSR (Novye mucheniki, 2 vols), published in the USA. Wrote on the situation of the church in the atheist state.