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Iakov Aleksandrovich Protazanov Edit Profile

film director

Iakov Protazanov, USSR Film director.


Protazanov, Iakov was born on February 4, 1881.


Graduated from a Commercial School.


One of the first Russian film-makers. Came in to the film industry, 1907. His debut was Bakhchisaraiskii Fonlan, 1909.

Specialized in adaptations of Russian classics. Made about 80 films, including Voina i Mir, Pikovaia Dama, Nikolai Stavrogin and Besy. Pikovaia Dama, 1916, and Otets Sergii, 1918, became his bestknown films.

Emigrated in 1920, and worked at various film studios in Berlin and Paris. Experienced many difficulties in his professional life while in emigration, and returned to the USSR, 1923. Made Aelita, 1924 (an adaptation of an A. Tolstoy story).

Employed by the Mezhrabpom-Rus’ Film Studio, made many films, including Zakroishchik iz Torzhka, 1925, Protsess о Trekh Mil'onakh, 1926 and Prazdnik Sviatogo lorgena, 1930. All his films have become Russian silent classics. His last film was the comedy Nasreddin v Bukhare, 1943.

His heritage has been carefully researched and preserved.