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Iakov Vladimirovich Shteinberg


Iakov Shteinberg, USSR Photo-journalist.


Shteinberg, Iakov was born in 1880.


Began working as a photo-reporter in 1902. Attracted attention with his pictures of daily events, which were among the most interesting from the early Russian photo-journalists. In 1913, a staff photographer for Solntse Rossii, one of the earliest Russian periodicals to utilize photographs, particularly genre pictures of daily life and portraits of writers and artists by young photographers.

Became a renowned photographer with his pictures of both the February and October Revolutions 1917. Also photographed the first volunteers to join the Red Army, Petrograd workers, soldiers and sailors. Some of these photographs were used by Rodchenko and his wife Stepanova in their album The First Mounted Detachment, 1917.

During this period, worked as a reporter for the first Soviet illustrated magazines Plamia and Iunyi Proletarii. Responsible for 2 of the best-known pictures of Lenin. During the midand late 1920s, devoted himself to recording the events in industrial and cultural life.

Head of the Society for Artistic and Technical Photography, founded in Petrograd in 1923, and in this capacity did much to win public recognition for photography. Exhibited in the large 1928 exhibition marking the 10th anniversary of Soviet rule. Left over 6,000 negatives which are held in the State Archive of Film and Photographic Documentation in Leningrad.