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Ian Ernestovich Rudzutak

politician , Revolutionary

Ian Rudzutak, USSR Revolutionary, politician.


Rudzutak, Ian was born on August 15, 1887 in the village of Tsauni, Latvia into a peasant family.


From 1906, involved in revolutionary activity. In 1909, arrested and sentenced to 15 years hard labour (reduced to 10 years). Imprisoned in Riga Tsentral (Riga prison) and Butyrki prison, Moscow.

Released after the February Revolution 1917. Participant in the October Revolution 1917. Chairman of the Sovnarkhoz (Council of the National Economy) and member of the Presidium of the VSNKH. 191720.

Chairman of the Central Soviet of the Textile Industry. Member of the Central Committee Chairman of the Transport Trade Unions, 1920-1921. Chairman of the Turkkomissiia, VTISK (Commission of Turkestan Affairs) and the Turkburo.

Member of the Presidium and General Secretary of the Central Committee Chairman of the Central Committee of the Central Asia Bureau, 1922-1924. Participant in the Genoa Conference, 1922. Secretary of the RK VKPB, 1923-1924.

Minister of Transport of the USSR, 1924-1930. From 1928, chairman of the Committee of the Chemical Industry of the USSR. Delegate at the 9th and 17th party congresses. Member of the Central Auditing Committee, and the VTSIK. Stalinist member of the Central Committee and of the Politburo (1926-1932) of the Bolshevik Party, but later a victim of Stalin’s purges.

Perished in the Gulag.