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Ilya Mikhailovich Frank Edit Profile

educator , physicist

Ilya Mikhailovich Frank, Russian physicist, educator. Recipient Nobel prize for physics (with Tamm and Cherenkov), 1958; State Prize, 1946, 54, 71; Order of Lenin (3); Order of Red Banner of Labor; Order of October Revolution 1978; Varilov Gold medal, 1979.


Frank, Ilya Mikhailovich was born on October 23, 1908 in Leningrad.


Student, Moscow University.


Assistant to professor Son of I. Vavilov, 1928. With Leningrad Optical Institute, 1930-1934, Lebedev Institute Physics, Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics Academy of Sciences, 1934-1970. Professor physics Moscow University, from 1944.

Head laboratory of neutron physics, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, from 1957. Correspondent member Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics Academy of Sciences, 1946-1948, academician, from 1968.


  • Other Work

    • Author: Function of Excitement and Curve of Absorption in Optic Dissociation of Tallium Ioclate, 1933. Coherent Radiation of Fast Electron in a Medium, 1937. Pare Formation in Krypton under Gamma Rays, 1938.

      Doppler Effect in Refracting Medium, 1942. Radiation of a Uniformly Moving Electron Due to Its Transition from One Medium into Another, 1945. Neutron Multiplication in Uranium-Graphite System, 1955.

      On Group Velocity of Light in Radiation in Refracting Medium, 1958. Optics of Light Sources Moving in Refracting Media, 1960. On Some Peculiarities of Vavilov-Cherenkov Radiation, 1986.