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Iosif Efimovich Kheifits

film director

Iosif Kheifits, USSR Film director.


Kheifits, Iosif was born on December 17, 1905.


Graduated from the Leningrad Technical School of Film Art, 1927, then from the Institute of Art History, 1928.


Celebrated director of The Lady with a Little Dog (1960, based on the Chekhov story), and Asia (1977, based on a Turgenev story). Worked together with Aleksandr Zarkhi until the early 1950s, making 15 films, among them The Baltic Deputy and Member of the Government, classic examples of Stalinist cinema. First solo film in 1951,5ov/W Mordovia.

The Rumiantsev Case (1955) was one of the fresh new films which appeared after Stalin’s death. Collaborated on the screenplay of My Dear Man (1958). Enormous national and international success with The Lady with a Little Dog, partly due to the forceful performances from leading actors Iia Savina and Aleksei Batalov.

A veteran director. Made about 100 films, including Shurochka, 1982, starring Liudmila Gurchenko.