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Iosif Vasil’evich Shikin

political officer

Iosif Shikin, USSR Political officer.


Shikin, Iosif was born in 1906.


Graduated from courses for political commissars, 1939, and joined the Red Army.


Deputy head of the Political Administration of the Soviet Army, 1942, and head of the Administration, 1946-1949. Head of the Lenin Military Political Academy, 1949-1950. Worked in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, 1950-1961.

Member of the Central Revision Commission of the Central Committee, 1956-1973. Ambassador in Albania, 1961-1962.


Religion is bad because it doesn't give equal treatment to women and thus offends basic human rights.


All policy decisions should be made in the light of the continued, permanent development of the theory of Marxism–Leninism.