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Irakli Luarsabovich ANDRONIKOV

literature critic

Irakli ANDRONIKOV, USSR Lit. critic. Real name: ANDRONIKASHVILI. Variety artist; gives literature readings; Hon Art Worker Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic since 1959.


graduated Philology Faculty, Leningrad University


Since 1924 extemporizes stories on stage. The best known in his repertoire are: ‘‘Rasskaz о trekh starukhakh” (The Tale of Three Old Women) (1924-1927). “Lektsiya о zapadnoy literature” (A Lecture on Western Literature) (1928).

“Lektsiya о Pushkine” (A Lecture on Pushkin) (1929). ‘‘V gostyakh u dyadi” (A Visit to Uncle) (1930). ‘‘Trizhdy obizhenny” (Thrice Offended).

‘‘Pervy raz na estrade” (The First Time on Stage). “Doktor Kiknadze”, etc., (1937).

‘‘Razgovor po povodu yubileya” (A Chat on the Occasion of an Anniversary) (1939). A series of “portrait” sketches of A. N. Tolstoy. S. Ya.

Marshak. V. I. Kachalov. A.A. Ostuzhev.

I. P. Pevtsov (1933). 1941-1945 war correspondent: author, many essays, dispatches, editorials, topical feuilletons, feature stories, etc.


Religion is bad because it forces people to rely on outside authority, rather than becoming self-reliant.


Every Soviet citizen has rights to express his or her opinion, but it should be in accordance with the general interests of the society.