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Irena DURISOVA Edit Profile

Member of the Slovak National Council

Irena DURISOVA, Member of the Slovak National Council. Order of February 25th 2nd Grade. 1949; for Services in the Reconstruction, 1955; for Services - 10 Years People's Militia, 1958; Order of Labour. 1968.


DURISOVA, Irena was born on March 26, 1918 in Pitvarov, Bratislava, Bulgaria.


Member, illegal Centre Party, Slovakia, 1942. Member, illegal Regional Committee, Centre Party, Slovakia, Hnusta, 1942-1945. Took part in Slovak Uprising, 1944.

Chairperson, Banska Bystrica Regional Committee, Centre Party of Slovakia, 1949-1952. Deputy to Slovak National Council, since 1948. Member, Central Committee, Centre Party of Slovakia, 1950-1955.

Deputy Chairperson, Slovak National Council, 1950-1960. Member, Council of World Union of Democratic Women, since 1950. Chairperson, Committee of Czechoslovak Committee of Defenders of Peace (CSVOM), 1952-1958.

Member, Central Committee, CSSR, 1954-1958. Member, Presidium, Slovak Committee of Defenders of Peace, 1955-1958. Deputy Chairperson, Slovak Elections Commission for Elections to National Committee, 1957.

Member, Central Committee, Slovak National Front, since 1957. Member, Presidium, Slovak National Council, 1960-1964. Member, Control and Auditing Commission at Central Committee, Centre Party of Slovakia, since 1962.

Member, State Population Commission, 1963-1968. Member, Slovak Elections Commission, 1964. Member, Commission for Trade of Slovak National Council, 1964-1968.

Chairperson, Slovak Committee of Czechoslovak Union of Women (CSSZ), 1967-1969. Member, Presidium and Deputy Chairperson, Central Committee, CSSZ, 1967-1969. Member, Slovak Elections Commissions, 1968.

Member, Presidium of Slovak National Council, 1969-1981. Member, Chamber of Nations Federal Assembly CSSR. since 1969. Chairperson, Central Committee of Slovak Union of Women (SZZ), since 1969.

Member, Slovak National Council, since 1981. Worked in Textile co-operative, Rimavskâ Sobota. 1946-1948.