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artist , dramatist , fashion model , writer

Irina Agapova is a contemporary Russian writer.


Agapova Irina Anatoljevna was born on the 7th of March in 1975. She lives and works in Moscow. Irina has a higher education, specialty - psychologist.


From the early childhood she had a taste for writing. From 10 years she began to publish her poems and short stories in the central magazines “Pioneer”, the newspaper “Pionerskaya Pravda”, “Nedelja”, etc.

At the age of 14, her first play was produced on a professional stage. In 1990 (at the age of 15) she became the winner of the beauty contest “Miss Moscow” as a model and worked with a number of Moscow newspapers (“Metro”).


In 1999 the first 3 books were published.

In 2000 “Club” magazine named Irina Agapova “Dramatist of the XXI century”. In the same year she published a play about the problems of drug addiction, the first love and interpersonal relationships among today's youth.

The author illustrates most of her books. Drawing technique — art drawing, watercolor, oil.

Since 2008, literary journals published her fiction stories and novels. The “Iskatsel`” magazine publicized in 2008 the story “Vechny vecher po imeni Anna”. This story received a response in the capital literary circles and is recommended to study in schools with high school students and senior high school students.

In 2009 the writing duet Agapova-Davydova got record-holder certificates of Russian “Book of records and achievements” in the nomination “The largest number of published books with holiday’s scenarios for schools and kindergartens over a period of 1999-2009”. Information sent to the World Edition - "Guinness Book of Records."

The total circulation of published books co-authored by Davydova is about 2000000 copies. (It was written more than 60 books of different directions).

Since 2010 she is the President of the “Davydovsky” Moscow International Theatre Festival.

Four times Agapova appeared on the cover of “Vestnik pedagoga iskusstv” glossy magazine.