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Isaak Osipovich Dunaevskii


Isaak Dunaevskii, USSR Composer.


Dunaevskii, Isaak was born on January 30, 1900 in Poltava Gouvernement.


Pupil of I. Akhron and S. Bogatyrev. Studied concurrently at the High School, then at the University (Faculty of Law).


Given violin lessons by G. Polianovskii. Entered the Khar’kov Conservatory in 1910. First compositions date from the time.

On graduating from the Conservatory in 1919, accepted by the Khar’kov Theatre of Russian Drama as director of the musical department, composer and conductor. Moved to Moscow, 1924, and directed the music departments of several theatres. Moved to Leningrad, 1929-1934.

Wrote music for many films from 1932. Head of the Leningrad Union of Composers, 1937-1941. Entertained troops and war workers during WWIL Lived in Moscow from 1943.

Wrote operettas, and music for films and plays.