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Isam Mohamad KHOQAIR

dentist , dramatist and columnist

Isam Mohamad KHOQAIR, dentist, dramatist and columnist.


KHOQAIR, Isam Mohamad was born on September 11, 1927 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


Doctor of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University.


Dentist at the Mecca Health Unit. Director of the Mecca Health Unit. Assistant Director for Health Affairs, Medina.

Director of the Central Hospital, Medina. Director of the School Health Unit in Jeddah. Participated in the Jerusalem Medical Conference 1961, Baghdad Medical Conference 1969, and in the Cairo Medical Conference 1974-1975.

Contributes regularly to local newspapers, radio and television. Known as a satirist and a writer of social columns. Dentist, dramatist and columnist.


  • When the Night is Quiet, (play). A collection of one-act plays. Spring Comes Late.


Necessities are matters that worldly and religious life depends upon. Their omission leads to unbearable hardship in this life, or punishment in the next.


  • Other Interests

    Cartoon drawing.