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Iurii Filippovich Solov’ev


Iurii Solov’ev, USSR Politician.


Solov’ev, Iurii was born on August 20, 1925.


Graduated from the Leningrad Engineering Institute of Rail Transport, 1951.


Served in the Soviet Army, 1943-1944. Began as a shift supervisor, and later became a section chief, chief engineer, and administration chief during the construction of the Leningrad subway, 1951-1973. Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of Leningrad City Soviet, 1973-1974.

Secretary of Leningrad Oblast’ Committee, 1974-1975. 1st Secretary of Leningrad Gorkom, Communist Party of the Soviet Union, 197884. USSR Minister for Industrial Construction, 1984-1985.

1st Secretary of Leningrad Obkom, Communist Party of the Soviet Union, from 6 July 1985. Elected to the Politburo on 6 March 1986. Member of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet from 19 June 1986.