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Ivan Solomonovich BERITASHVILI


Ivan BERITASHVILI, USSR Physiologist. Professor; full member, USSR Academy of Science since 1939, USSR Academy of Medical Science, since 1944 and Georgia Academy of Sciences, since 1941; Professor, Tbilisi University, since 1919; Honoured Worker of Science of Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic. Pavlov Prize, 1938; Stalin Prize, 1941; Order of Lenin; two Order of Red Banner of Labor; medals.


BERITASHVILI, Ivan was born in 1884 in village Vedzhini, Kakhetia, Georgia, United States.


1910 graduated Natural Science Department, Physics and Mathematics Faculty, St. Petersburg University.


1914-1915 on science mission in Holland, where he worked in laboratory of R. Magnus. 1919 founded important Physiological Laboratory at Tiflis University, later reorganized into Physiology Research Institute, Georgia Academy of Sciences, and which bears his name since 1935. Deputy, Georgia Supreme Soviet of several convocation.

1950, at joint session of USSR Academy of Science and USSR Academy of Medical Science, severely criticized by К. M. Bykov and A. G. Ivanov-Smolensky for regarding subjective psychology as contrary to the materialistic teachings of Marx and Engels. Since 1959 honorary member, New York Academy, of Medical Science.

1910-1914 Assistant, Natural Science Department, then Chair of Physiology. St. Petersburg University. 1915-1919 Assistant Prosector and lecturer, Chair of Physiology, Novorossiysk University, Odessa.

1941-1951 Director, Physiology Research Institute, Georgia Academy of Sciences.


Religiously inspired people justify violence, resist social changes, and attack on science.


Marxism–Leninism as the only truth could not, by its very nature, become outdated.