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Ivan Petrovich Ivanov-Vano

film director

Ivan Ivanov-Vano, USSR Film director.


Ivanov-Vano, Ivan was born on February 8, 1900.


Graduated from VKHUTEMAS, 1923.


One of the first animated film directors of the early Soviet cinema. Stage designer on the first Soviet animation film, Kitai v Ogne, 1925. Made remarkable films, which are now considered classics — Sen’ka Afrikanets, 1927, Pokhozhdeniia Miunkhgauzena, 1928, Strekoza i Muravei, 1935, and Kotofei Kotofeevich, 1937.

With Iurii Norshtein, made Vremena Goda and Secha Pri Kerzhentse, 1969-1971, and with L. Mil’chin, Skazka о Tsare Saltane, 1984. Taught at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography from 1939. Most of his films have been shown abroad, receiving international prizes.