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Ivan Nikitich Kononov


Ivan Kononov, USSR Major-general.


Kononov, Ivan was born in 1907.


Graduated from the Military Academy, 1930.


A Don Cossack. Took part in the Soviet-Finnish war, decorated for bravery (Order of the Red Banner). Took part in World War II as a major. On 22 August 1941, volunteered to join the Germans in order to fight Stalin with his whole regiment.

Later organized a Cossack corps on the side of the Germans, and became the commander of Cossack detachments of the ROA (Vlasov’s army). In 1945, handed over to SMERSH, tried and executed. A 2-vol. biography was published in Australia in 1963 by his adjutant K. Cherkassov.