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Ivan Stepanovich LUPINOVICH


Ivan LUPINOVICH, USSR Pedologist. Professor 1953; Doctor of Agriculture Science since 1947; full member Belarusian Academy of Sciences, since 1947; President, Belarusian Academy, of Agriculture Science, since 1957; Honoured Worker of Science and Technology of Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic since 1951; member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Lithuania Belarusian, since 1951.


LUPINOVICH, Ivan was born in 1900.


1919 graduated Teachers’ Seminary. 1925 graduated Belarusian Agriculture Institute.


1934-1947 head of a chair, Belarusian Agriculture Institute. Since 1947 V.-President, Belarusian Academy of Sciences. Chairman, Minsk Department, Society for the Dissemination of Political and Science Knowledge.

Deputy, Belarusian Supreme Soviet of 1955 and 1959 convocation. At Council of USSR Academy of Science, studied productive forces of USSR and headed combined expeditions to Southern Kirghizia and the AralCaspian area. Studied national hist, districts of Volga area, Urals, Kabardino-Balkar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Daghestani Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, etc.

Organized major research on peat-bog soils in black-earth region of USSR. Supervises science work on plan for transforming Polesie Lowlands of the Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic into an area suitable for arable farming. Main works deal with improvement of soil fertility.