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Ivan Vasil’evich Morozov

editor , publisher

Ivan Morozov, USSR Publisher, editor.


Morozov, Ivan was born in 1919 in Estonia.


Graduated, 1944.


Joined the Russian Christian Student Movement. Came to Paris as a student, 1939. Forced to remain in France by the start of World War II. Settled in Paris, at first as a worker, later as a student at the Theological Institute.

Editor of Vestnik RSHD, 1946. For many years, secretary of the RSHD (Russian Christian Student Movement). Director of the YMCA Press in Paris.

Lectured on the history of the Russian Church at the Theological Institute. At the beginning of 1978, was dismissed from the editorial board of Vestnik and from the YMCA Press. Committed suicide by hanging himself in Paris.