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Ivan Nikolaevich Perestiani

actor , film director

Ivan Perestiani, USSR Film director, actor.


Perestiani, Ivan was born on April 13, 1870.


Theatre actor from 1886. Appeared in his first film, 1916. Acted in a further 20 films until October 1917.

Took part in agit-films during the Civil War. Made the first Georgian revolutionary film, Arsen Dzhordzhiashvili, 1921 (also known as Ubiistvo Generala Griaznova). His major film was Krasnye D'iavoliata, 1923, now a Soviet classic.

Worked at the Odessa Film Studio, Armenkino, and Tbilisi Film Studio. As an actor, appeared in Arsen, 1937, and Georgii Saakadze, 1942-1943.